Size: 8-ounce bottle

Price: $15 + Shipping

  • Natural raw ingredients.

  • Hand-made to order.

  • Formulated especially for tightly-coiled (4C) hair and all skin types.

  • Sufficiently moisturizes characteristically dry, fragile

  • Light to medium liquid consistency, non-greasy, and sweetly- & citrus-scented with essential oils.

  • Can be used on all afro-textured hair types (Wavy, Curly, Coiled, Locs).

  • Can be used daily or as-needed.

  • Also, is a GREAT as an all-over-body skin moisturizer (Note, may be too heavy for face moisturizing). No more need for chemically-altered, watered-down, or heavy body lotions...Do you have "ashy" skin???  Give it a try, so you can begin saying "Not anymore!"

  • For more effective results, after 'Mist' application, follow-up with Coily Coiff Shea Sealant™.

8-oz Coily Coiff Moisturizing Mist™