Size:  8-ounce bottle CCMM™ & 4-ounce jar CCSS™ 

Price:  $27/combo + Shipping


  • The perfect pair to maximize your hair moisturizing efforts.

  • Formulated to moisturize textured hair, beard, and great for ALL skin types.

  • Sufficiently seals in moisture on characteristically dry, fragile textured hair.

  • CCMM™ - Light to medium liquid consistency, natural ingredients with humectants, non-greasy, and sweetly- & citrus-scented with essential oils.

  • CCSS™ - Natural shea butter, smooth, sweet & citrus-scented with essential oils.

  • Can be used on all afro-textured hair types (Wavy, Curly, Coiled, Locs) and skin.

  • Can be used daily or as-needed.

  • Also, is a GREAT as an all-over-body skin moisturizer (Note, CCSS™ may be too heavy for face moisturizing). 

  • No more need for chemically-altered, watered-down, or heavy body/hand lotions.

8-oz/4-oz Coily Coiff Combo™

  • Please note, Coily Coiff Shea Sealant’s primary ingredient is shea butter, which is prone to melting during the summer months. Due to the fact we want to keep this product natural and adhere to it’s integrity and purpose, it is not, nor will be altered in any way to prevent the melting in higher temperatures. 

    As a result, the Coily Coiff Shea Sealant™ will only be available for SHIPPING during the months of October - May. 

    Shea Sealant™ WILL still be available for IN-PERSON/LOCAL deliveries ONLY during the months of June - September.

    Should you order this product for shipping between the months of June - September, Coily Coiff, LLC will not accept returns and we will not apply refunds should product melt during the shipment process.  Please be mindful, if melted, the shea sealant will not retain the look or consistency as originally intended, however, it will eventually return to solid form, but may result in a gritty form, depending on the amount of heat and rate it melted during shipment.