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Size:  8-ounce bottle CCMM™ & 4-ounce jar CCSS™ 

Price:  $27/combo + Shipping


  • The perfect pair to maximize your hair moisturizing efforts.

  • Formulated to moisturize textured hair, beard, and great for ALL skin types.

  • Sufficiently seals in moisture on characteristically dry, fragile textured hair.

  • CCMM™ - Light to medium liquid consistency, natural ingredients with humectants, non-greasy, and sweetly- & citrus-scented with essential oils.

  • CCSS™ - Natural shea butter, smooth, sweet & citrus-scented with essential oils.

  • Can be used on all afro-textured hair types (Wavy, Curly, Coiled, Locs) and skin.

  • Can be used daily or as-needed.

  • Also, is a GREAT as an all-over-body skin moisturizer (Note, CCSS™ may be too heavy for face moisturizing). 

  • No more need for chemically-altered, watered-down, or heavy body/hand lotions.

8-oz/4-oz Coily Coiff Combo™