About Us

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Coily Coiff, LLC is founded and operated by Talishia L. Robins. Talishia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University, and has over 19 years experience in Human Resources, management, customer service, and an undeniable work ethic to match.


As a result of the spur-of-the-moment/late night "Big Chop" back in 2010, she has consistently made (D.I.Y.) three (3) products that, over time, have been tweaked and SOLELY used on her non-chemically treated hair since! Her goal then, (and now) was to care for her hair in the most organic, natural, and simplistic way possible. Through many trials, tribulations, and TRIUMPHS later, she is NOW sharing her "concoctions" with the WORLD!  She proudly presents, the first two of these products, Coily Coiff Moisturizing Mist™ and Coily Coiff Shea Sealant™, officially released in February and March 2014. Soon to follow will be a styling product and accessories/merchandise, so please stay tuned!